BULLYBILLOWS Slip Lead | Anti-Pull & Anti-Choking Training Lead – Khaki


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More about our BULLYBILLOWS Slip Lead | Anti-Pull & Anti-Choking Training Lead – Khaki


The lead everyone is talking about!

Welcoming this latest design – an anti-tangle slip lead which is rigid enough while walking your dog but supple enough to move freely. As your dog moves in different directions, the lead will not tangle as the bespoke swivel mechanism works with your dogs movement rather than against to avoid the very common ‘tangling lead’ situation we have all experienced.

It has a bespoke rubber stopper which locks in position and means that once you have set the position of the stopper on your lead to fit around your dogs neck and head, it will not move, allowing you to gain greater control of your dog.

  1. Easy and Convenient. Great for crate transfer, potty breaks and training, no collar or harness needed.
  2. One size fits ALL types of breeds.
  3. Firmly weaved Nylon for maximum quality & durability.
  4. 1.2 Metre (Length) x 1.2cm (Diameter)
  5. Bespoke rubber band to eliminate the rope becoming loose & limp


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